• Library

    The school has a well-stocked purpose built library with almost 20,000 volumes comprising fiction and non-fiction with a strong emphasis on social studies and the sciences. There are also 388 CD-ROMS, 416 videos, 50 audio cassettes, periodicals for both pupils and teachers, and newspapers. The library is fully computerized and connected to the internet. All classes have one library period a week in which they are taught library skills. These include borrowing procedures and the use of catalogues and reference volumes and fun activities to stimulate the pupils’ interest in using the library. All the library book holdings are computerized and bar codes scanned when a book is being borrowed or returned. Children can borrow three books at a time and up to four over weekends. Books must be returned or renewed within one week. In addition to their weekly library period, children have access to the library before school starts, at break time and after school hours up to 4.00 p.m.

  • Information Technology

    The School has 3 computer labs equipped with 33 computers in each lab. Each pupil has access to a computer during lessons. The computer labs have internet access making it easier for pupils to work on various projects. The lab is opened to pupils from 7.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. All computer labs are fully air-conditioned

  • Play Areas

    There are designated play areas for the School students to play on during their break times.

  • Canteen

    There is a variety of food and snacks sold at the canteen by private individuals under the school’s supervision. All sellers undergo annual medical check-ups and are required to maintain proper health standards. Pupils are expected to help maintain standards by putting litter in the bins provided and generally keeping the premises tidy. Every class has a water dispenser; however, children are advised to bring enough water to school. Water available in drinking fountains is filtered but not boiled. Children using class dispensers should bring their own labelled cups and water bottles from home on a daily basis.


    The school has an ultra-modern Home Economics Lab (Kitchen) use for practical lessons

  • Music Room and Art Room

    There are three music rooms in the school. The music rooms have a recording studio, dance auditorium and practice rooms. All pupils in the School have weekly music lessons. The Art Room and Music Department are situated in the same building. Spacious and airy, the Art Room is fully equipped with a variety of materials for painting, drawing, crafts and textiles. Potters’ wheels, a laminator and a scanner have also added to the range of facilities. The Art Rooms are staffed by a full time Art teachers.

  • Sick Bay

    The sick bays are located in the nursery department and junior department. Only first aid and analgesics are given. Parents are strongly advised not to send children to school if they are feeling unwell and especially if they show signs of infectious diseases like chicken pox, mumps or eye infections. After an infectious illness children must bring a medical clearance certificate and will not be allowed to attend classes until they do so. Children are sent to the nearest hospital in an emergency and parents are notified as soon as possible. A registered nurse manages the sick bay and takes care of all the children in the School.

  • Science Laboratory

    The science laboratory is equipped with Biology, Chemistry and Physics apparatus. Students using the laboratory are expected to take good care of the equipment and to refrain from any actions that might be considered dangerous. Students will have to pay for any breakage that they cause. They may enter the laboratories only when a teacher is present.

  • Assembly Grounds

    The Assembly ground are used for morning assemblies, PE, plays and musical shows. The ground is covered with an ultra-modern artificial green grass.

  • Sporting Facilities

    The school has facilities for soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, and track and field events. During normal lessons these are used for PE and on designated afternoons for games. Students may sign out equipment from PE teachers during break and after school provided they look after and return it.