School Anthem & The Pupil's Creed

School Anthem


Morning Glory, Morning Glory, reaching for the stars


God, make my life a little lamp within the world to glow

A little flame that burneth bright, wherever I may go

So Morning Glory, Morning Glory bright and morning star

Keep shining, keep glowing

Keep shining to the end.


The Pupil’s Creed
We, the pupils of Morning Glory Montessori Child Development Centre, promise to follow the school’s rules and to uphold to the six qualities of;
2. Humility
4. Moral Courage
to our day to day dealings with each member of the school community. We will also be responsible citizens practice the right values and display positive attitudes.

We understand that whiles the school teaches us from right from wrong it’s our responsibility to learn right from wrong and to right our wrongs. All these we’ll do willingly so that we may be better citizens of tomorrow with GOD as our guide. AMEN